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Contract and Surety Bonds

Proud Members of the Asian American Hotel Owners Association

Proud Members of the Asian American
Hotel Owners Association

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Contract bonds, also called surety bonds, construction bonds, or contractor bonds, are frequently used in the construction industry. However, more and more state and local municipalities require surety bonds to simply operate your business. In order to obtain a contract to build the project, the general contractor (and often the sub-contractors as well) must provide the owner a bond for its performance of the terms of the contract. Conversely, owners and contractors may also provide payment bonds to ensure that subcontractors and suppliers are paid for work done. Under the Miller Act, payment and performance bonds are required for general contractors on all U.S. federal government construction projects where the contract price exceeds $100,000.00.

These are just some of the surety bonds we execute daily:

  • Auto Dealer Bonds
  • Bid Bonds
  • Commercial Bonds
  • Construction Bonds
  • Contract Bonds
  • Contractor License Bonds
  • Court Bonds
  • General Bonding
  • Misc. Commercial Bonds
  • Money Transmitter Bonds
  • Mortgage Banker Bonds
  • Mortgage Broker Bonds
  • Performance Bonds
  • Subdivision Bonds
  • Telephone Solicitor Bonds
  • Title Agency Bonds
  • Wage & Welfare Bonds

"MD Home Improvement Laws require contractors
to have a bond to protect the homeowner."